Myles Power

Tuesday, February 21 2017 at 7:30PM

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8 Pocklingtons Walk,

Myles Power

What's the talk about?

For decades now, we have been told by organisations like Greenpeace, GM-Freeze, and Friends of the Earth that genetical modified (GM) food is dangerous and has been shown to be harmful to humans.They have done a great job at convincing the population of their dangers by quoting scientific literature that claims GM-food has been shown, among other things, to cause cancer, leukaemia, and stomach inflammation; but is there really any truth to this? What do the papers these organisations are promoting really say, and do they have any flaws? Or, in actual fact, are GMOs going to kill us all?

In his talk, Myles is going to critique several highly referenced anti-GM papers, looking past their veneer of good science, and discovering what they really say about GMOs and the people who promote them. Myles Power and runs the educational YouTube channel powerm1985. He is a chemist who is currently working in industry, but what little free time he has is spent sharing his love of SCIENCE! through home experiments, visiting sites of scientific interest and angry rants at pseudoscience opponents. Myles has many years of experience working in a research lab, which has given him the skills he needs to research and debunk various psuedoscience theories. Some of the theories he has discussed on his YouTube channel include AIDS denialists, 911 truthers, the anti-vaccination movement and homeopathy to name a few. Myles is also one of the founding members of the podcast The League of Nerds which he co-hosts with James from The History of Infection.