Dr Jovan Byford

Tuesday, August 16 2016 at 7:30PM

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8 Pocklingtons Walk,

Dr Jovan Byford

What's the talk about?

Most significant events in the world today - be it an unexpected election result, a terror attack, the death of a public figure, a plane crash or a meteorological anomaly - generate a flutter of conspiracy speculations. Those who propound conspiracy theories about these events are often dismissed as paranoid, crazy or absurd, as well as politically suspect. At the same time, we constantly face revelations about political cover-ups, about secrecy and collusion, which suggest that the notion of conspiracy might in fact be a useful concept when thinking about power in contemporary society. The talk, which is based on Dr Byford's book Conspiracy Theories: A Critical Introduction looks at how we might productively navigate the fuzzy boundaries between theories about actual conspiracies which reveal the often secretive political and economic order, and the bogus, far fetched and often politically damaging conspiracy theories.