Dr Dave Hone

Tuesday, May 17 2016 at 7:30PM

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8 Pocklingtons Walk,

Dr Dave Hone

What's the talk about?

Tyrannosaurus rex is the most well known of the dinosaurs but also suffers from the greatest misconceptions about its biology. The Tyrant King suffers in its popularity with various hypotheses being thrown at it (by both palaeontologists and non-experts) and much of it sticking thanks to the media and pop-culture adoption of these ideas. Critical assessment however shows that few of these tropes stand up to even the most basic of analyses or even already known data. The tyrannosaurs are a fascinating group of dinosaurs and they are much diminished by unnecessary hyperbole when the truth is every bit as interesting

Dr Dave Hone is a palaeontologist and writer. His research focuses on the behaviour and ecology of the dinosaurs and their flying relatives, the pterosaurs. In addition he writes extensively online about palaeontology and science outreach, blogs for the science pages of  The Guardian, and regularly contributes for other media outlets as well as acting as a scientific consultant. His first book, the The Tyrannosaur Chronicles, is out now with Bloomsbury.