Jamie Whyte

Tuesday, June 18 2013 at 7:30PM

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48a London Road

Jamie Whyte

What's the talk about?

This talk will cover the characteristic errors and rehtorical trickery of those who claim that the policies they advocate - such as setting minimum prices for alcohol  banning smoking in public places and limiting carbon emissions - are "evidence-based".

Jamie Whyte is head of research and publishing at Oliver Wyman, a management consulting firm.

He is a former lecturer in philosophy at Cambridge University and the author of "Bad Thoughts: A Guide to Clear Thinking" and "A Load of Blair". His articles occasionally appear in The Times, The Wall Street Journal, and has broadcast on the BBC.

We doubt Whyte's support for free markets will be to everyone's taste. I anticipate an extremely interesting talk followed by a passionate debate in the Q&A. I've been trying to get Whyte to speak for more than two years. This should be challenging & fun.