We have a number of people available with skeptical viewpoints in and around Leicester to assist the media with interviews and opinion. Please contact us via the contact form.

The list below is really to help you find us in the search engines - otherwise it's an extremely boring read.

Skeptics in the Pub is interested in getting involved in testing any kind of unusual claim.  We're interested both in running scientific tests, and also exposing frauds with simple visits.  Recently, we visited "psychic medium" Joanne Jordan to see if she's for real.

  • Alternative health
    • Acupuncture skeptics
    • Alternative health skeptics
    • Alcoholics Anonymous skeptics
    • Complementary medicine skeptics
    • CAM skeptics
    • Feng Shui skeptics
    • Homeopathy skeptics
    • Magnetic therapy skeptics
    • Memory regression skeptics
    • Past life regression therapy skeptics
    • Psychic surgery skeptics
    • Reiki healing skeptics
    • Regression hypnosis skeptics
    • Traditional Chinese medicine skeptics
  • The Paranormal
    • ESP skeptics
    • Extra-sensory perception skeptics
    • Ghost skeptics
    • Hauntings skeptics
    • Medium skeptics
    • Paranormal skeptics
    • Psychic skeptics
    • Remote viewing skeptics
    • Telepathy skeptics
  • Religion skeptics
    • Astrology skeptics
    • Bible skeptics
    • Creationism skeptics
    • Scientology skeptics
    • Spiritualism skeptics
  • Aliens
    • Alien abduction skeptics
    • UFO skeptics
  • Conspiracy theory skeptics
  • Dowsing skeptics
  • Holocaust denial skeptics
  • Pseudoscience skeptics

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